Monday, July 12, 2010

Pretty Girl

I know I'm biased as her mother, but sometimes Kate's beauty just takes my breath away.
Love those big brown eyes.

Handsome Devil

Little Owen is already 3 1/2 months old. Wha? How does that happen?

He loves face time and gives the best smiles and giggles. He is a great baby, almost always happy; eats well, sleeps well, travels well. Doesn't care for baths or loud noises though.

Smiley Guy
Laughing at Mama

He rolled over yesterday for the first time, but we missed it! After months of sucking on his knuckles, he finally found his thumb a couple days ago and seems to enjoy it. Loves Pat-a-Cake.

Finding his thumb

He seems to be growing well. Last time I had him on the scale he was just shy of 14 lbs, so he's nearly doubled his birth weight. He likes to stand and jump like his big sister. More updates on both kids after their doctor appointments in a couple of weeks.

This one's older (Owen was about 6 weeks) but it's fun to compare to the next one of Kate when she was about 3 months old. They look so much alike! Do you think so?

Awfully Quiet

Kate: Can we go to Nana's house?
Me: Let me go talk to Daddy about it. (Proceeds upstairs for said talk.)

....about 5 minutes pass....

Me: Hmm, I wonder what Kate is up to.
Mike: She has been awfully quiet.

...come downstairs to find this....It's pretty hard to discipline your child when you're laughing hysterically.
Yup Nutella.
Kinda gives new meaning to, "The proof is in the pudding."

And of course, this conversation from Baby Mama comes to mind:

Is that poop or chocolate? (tastes some). Chocolate!

What if that had been poop?

Like I said, kids are messy.