Tuesday, May 20, 2008

something awesome

Team "something awesome" completed the marathon in 4 hours 5o minutes!!!

On Friday afternoon Mike and I were IMing and he was saying how jealous he was that I would be running on Saturday without him. Well, here. Read it yourself:

2:00 PM Mike: i wish i could run it with you
starting to feel really jealous
2:01 PM Lydia: yeah, that would be so awesome
Mike: do you think i could?
i'd be tempted to try
i really felt like i could have gone a lot further when we ran that 5
but i know i'd really be pushing my limits
Lydia:.I think you could try
and we did 6 on Saturday, not 5
Mike: oh yeah
2:13 PM Lydia: well, I'll go pick up our registration and stuff and you can think about it
Mike: ok
Lydia: I think you could finish, yes.
it just might take you a while
2:14 PM and you would probably be in pain for a week!

So, that lead to this:

That's right! We did it! Mike's dad, Rick (pictured above) ran the marathon as well. Mike ran the first half and did GREAT! He was pooped out when he got to me though, but I was SO SO proud of him.

Then it was my turn, and I was pumped. Not nervous at all. I ran with Rick for my first 7 or 8 miles and I was grateful to have someone so experienced to run with. That was Rick's 20th Marathon. Anyway, he made sure we didn't overdo it on the hills, and he gave me salt tablets to help me avoid cramps. But when it came to those last few miles I just had a bit more energy and decided to take it in solo.

I actually really liked running alone, not better than with someone, just differently. I really paid attention to my body and the beautiful scenery around me. I liked talking to strangers along the way and taking in the camaraderie associated with sharing in that challenging experience. I liked pushing myself when I thought I had nothing left; it was exhilarating!

After Mike finished his half, he went to pick up Kate from my sister's (Thanks SO MUCH again, Jenny!) and then he came down to the finish to see me in. He and Kate were waiting in some shade about two blocks from the finish line. I was so excited to see them! They jumped up and ran to the finish with me. I can tell Mike had had some rest, his pace wore me out to the point that I walked for the first time in miles! But then the crowd kept telling me, "Oh! You're so close! Keep going!" And Mike asked me if I was going to sprint it to the end. I did! Well, the last 25 feet or so. Finished strong.

I sense an addict in the making. I already registered Mike and me for the Top of Utah Marathon held in Logan on Sept. 20th. The FULL marathon this time. Oh, and I want to send out a warm welcome to anyone who wants to join in the training. It's in 4 months and you would have the perfect amount of time to train and I guarantee it will be one of the better experiences in you life. Here's a map so as you can see, it's almost ALL downhill....a great race to begin with. If you just want to do the half marathon, I still recommend it. Come join in the fun!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wrong Place at the Right Time

Yesterday Katers and I had an interesting experience. Seeing as it was laundry day and I had about 5 loads to fold while she was napping, I decided to go get a movie from Redbox. The Redbox we frequent at our local Maverick has several parking spaces within 10 feet, so I felt okay about leaving her in the car, especially considering I wasn't going to have to wait in line and I knew what movie I was getting.

When I got back to the car I was quite surprised to find it locked....with the keys in the ignition. I panicked, of course, and then paced back and forth in front of the car thinking about my options. I could call someone in my neighborhood and have them bring a key, but my cell phone is also in the car and I don't have anyone's number memorized. I could ask a complete stranger to stay with her while I drive their car home, but I think the spare key to the house is inside, and could I really do that?? So the only thing I can do, I decided, is to call a locksmith. Oh, and Kate is crying hysterically by this point.

I walked inside Maverick to ask to use a phone and a phone book, and while I'm looking up the locksmith a man I had seen outside asks me, "Did you lock your keys in your car with a child inside?"

"Yes." I say rather frantically.

"You know if you call the police they'll come and unlock it for you."

"Really? I had no idea! Do I just dial 911?"

And then a lady in line at the register just spits out this number, 688-whatever-it-was, and said that was the number for the Weber County Dispatch. An officer was there within 5 minutes, and about 5 minutes after that I was unlocked! I couldn't believe it! And they didn't say a word in reprimand about leaving her in the car, which I was really relieved for. Blessings!

Twilight update

I saw this on another friend's blog and decided to share it, given my last post.

So Summit has a trailer out for Twilight apparently. I'll let you watch it first, as to not bias you with my opinion, but I am curious as to what everyone thinks after seeing the teaser. I'll add my thoughts as a comment later.