Monday, July 20, 2009


A few days ago I stepped onto the scale to see a whopping 170 glare back at me. I have only been this weight (not pregnant, that is) one other time in my life--right after high school. It hit me hard that I am at my heaviest weight ever and something's GOT TO CHANGE.

In January of 2000 I rang in not only a new year but a new millennium and kicked it off with a diet/workout plan I had been reading about: Body-for-LIFE. If you haven't heard of it, you should check it out. Anyway, at that time, I didn't participate in the 12 week challenge but I did incorporate the priciples the plan is founded upon into my life. I lost 33 lbs over the next several months and more or less kept it off until I got pregnant almost 3 years ago. I let everything go, and I haven't gotten it back yet.

Until today that is. Not only have I recommitted to getting back the health and confidence I once enjoyed, I have entered the 12 week challenge and I have dragged Mike into it with me. He's a good sport, and a great ally to have on my team. Together I want to lose those 35 lbs again and Mike wants to add some muscle tone and definition.

I just took my before pictures... not a pretty sight. I will consider posting them once the challenge is done, but for now they're just to keep me motivated. I letting you all in on the loop so that you know I am 100% committed to this and any support or encouragement you want to throw my way will be received with gratitude. Oh, and don't be offended if I decline dessert or alter any food you have prepared. it's not personal, it's business.