Monday, January 25, 2010

A following?

So I am, as you can imagine, a little baffled by the rapid increase in traffic to my blog. Not that I mind so much, just curious. Anyone care to share where you are coming to my blog from?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

the picture just doesn't do it justice, but here's the story

So I just opened the front door and there were several people standing in the street looking at up at the house to the east of ours and some were even taking pictures. So I asked what was going on and they told me there was a BALD EAGLE in my neighbor's tree. I had to see for myself, and I did. IT WAS HUGE! And beautiful. I went back in and got Kate's boots on so she see it too. We went back out and had another look. The others that were there said it had been in the tree for a while. I ran back in again to get my camera and when I got back out this time he was flying over the house to our south. This is the picture I got (zoomed in as best I could):

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

He bite my finger a 'dil bit.

Kate has been totally into dinosaurs lately. She got some great ones for Christmas and has been playing with them everyday.
Last night she woke us up screaming and it took me a minute to calm her down enough to see what the matter was, though I suspected a bad dream. Once she was calm she told me there was a dinosaur under her bed. At first, I thought she just wanted one of her toy dinosaurs and it fell under the bed. But no, what she meant was there was a REAL dinosaur under her bed. So I told her I would check, and tucked her in telling her there aren't any dinosaurs under her bed.
After about 3 rounds of this, I pulled her into our bed in order to get some sleep.
Right when Kate woke up this morning she went into her room without saying anything. She came back a few minutes later saying "I can't find 'em, mama."
"Find who?"
"The dinosaurs under my bed." That was all I heard of it for the next two hours, and then just now we had this conversation:
Kate: "I need to go check on 'em."
Me: "Check on who?"
Kate: 'The dinosaurs under my bed." And off she went. Upon her return:
Me: "Is he scary, sweetie?"
Kate: "No, he's nice. I check on him and he's nice. I'm not worried about him. He bite me a 'dil bit. He's nice and bite me a 'dil bit. On my finger a 'dil bit." Then she went back upstairs again, this time with her binkie and her blankie.
"I give him my binkie and my blankie. He's nice. I'm not worried about him."
I seriously wouldn't think anything of this wad of blankie by her bed if I didn't know the story behind it.

And binkie a little further under the bed.