Monday, November 17, 2008

twilight gno UPDATE

So I bought 12 tickets to the Thursday night at 12:10 showing. Here's who I have going, let me know if I missed anyone.

1- Lydia
2- Mindy
3- Jenny
4- Shanna
5- Lacey
6- friend of Lacey
7- Angie
8- Ximen
9- Ashlee
10- Vanessa??

So yes, if I haven't missed anyone there are still two tickets. If I somehow missed you, first of all, I APOLOGIZE! But secondly, get a hold of me asap so I don't give your ticket to someone else.

Can't wait! Love you all!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Twilight GNO

Tickets are available so its time to start planning.

Looks like both Thursday night at Midnight and all times on Friday night still have tickets available. What works for people? I good either way, but I definitely want to go with YOU! (yes that means anyone reading this that is interested in going)

We talked about this long ago and now its time to get our plans in order.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Really, its the least I could do

Picture time!

I know you have all been dying to see some pictures of Kate. She is SO GROWN UP, you'll just die! (That sounded just like my mother...)

As far as updates go, she's now 16 months old, about 25 lbs and 32 inches tall. She is extremely active (as you will see in the pics) and athletic; jumping, running, and climbing on EVERYTHING. She is a darling copycat and learning new words everyday. It seems like she understands so much of what we say.

She still loves (did I say loves? I meant
LOVES) dogs, but she has branched out to include all of God's creepers and critters.

We just bought her an Elmo potty and her first "big girl panties" but we aren't pushing it...just want to be ready when she is. She loves to help me do everything I do, including cleaning up and cooking.

And with no further adieu...

Our little trick-or-treating puppy!

I told you she likes to jump, right? She could spend hours on the trampoline, and gets some pretty impressive air. (See slideshow below, for more evidence)
I love this picture for the face she is making. Can you hear the "OooO" sound now? I must see this face a hundred times everyday and she explores and discovers all the exciting things the world has to delight her.
Oh man, how could anyone resist those puppy-dog eyes?

Now, because I know you want to what it's like to spend a half hour with Kate, I invite you to Nana's house.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh, heck yeah baby!

Yesterday I ran a marathon. The end.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm not dead, if that's what you're thinking

AND this is actually the 4th post I've written in the past four months, but I just thought they were all so boring so I never posted them. I know. Lame, right? Well I guess I'll post one of them for you, as it was the most comprehensive and you can decide for yourself.

Before that, I thought I would pick up where "something awesome" left of...the Top of Utah marathon. Yeah, it's this Saturday, and yes I'm still planning on running it. As you can see I have only run about half of the miles I was supposed to by this point, but I have done a couple of "long" runs (17 or 18 miles) and only one of them killed me. :D Getting that first one under my belt was an amazing psychological boost and I feel more confident than ever that I can finish a marathon! Four more days....

Anyway, here's that other post. It was aptly titled "you should blog about that"

I've heard that a lot lately. Must be because I have had a very eventful summer. Can I use this as an excuse for my absence in the blogging scene for the last three months?

Highlights since May include:

Wasatch Back Relay. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this race, teams of 12 relay 180 miles from Logan to Park City. Mike and I were part of a team put together by one of his coworkers called Command-R. It's a mac command that "runs" a program. So Command R=RUN, get it? Anyway, the race was a blast! Each person runs 3 legs of an average 5 miles each. I ran 17 miles total. My last leg--6 miles, slightly uphill most the way, at 1:30 in the afternoon which made it 95ish degrees, oh, and most significantly my third time running in about 18 hours--was by far the most difficult. Overall though, an experience I hope to have again in the future.

Kate's first birthday. We celebrated Kate's first birthday in June. We had a swimming party at my dad's house. I made her a "Woof" cake, which she picked at but never dug into. Kate loves swimming, and is not afraid of the water. I think it may be time to get her into swimming lessons. I think she would do quite well.

The whole week before Kate's birthday she was sick. When I took her to the doctor they said there were several stomach bugs going around and she most likely just had one of those and to keep her hydrated. Then the day after her birthday, she had her well child visit and got 4 vaccines. A couple of days after her party she started having a super high fever (104 degrees) so I took her to the doctor again (third time in a week) and because all her normal checks were fine with the exception of the fever and fussiness and lack of appetite, the doc decided to take some blood and urine samples. So within a 5 day period she got poked 7 times and had a nasty experience with a catheter. The urine test showed she had a bladder infection and she needed further testing to determine the cause. Poor girl. Seriously no fun for anyone.

Following the latter tests we found out that she has a grade 3 reflux, which is where the urine backs up into her kidney on one side. It may not be serious enough for surgery, and in most cases corrects itself by the time they reach age 5. But as is, we have to see a pediatric urologist and most likely have her checked out yearly for changes. Sure explains her uncharacteristically bad mood for almost the entire month of June.

School. Yuck. Summer school is never fun, but this semester seemed especially burdensome. Mike and I finally took a class together and it was a bit of a beast. Not looking forward to starting again in a couple of weeks.

Fourth of July. Due to a massive load of homework, we didn't celebrate all too heartily. The highlight for me was a run I took that night right at dusk. I got to see a couple of firework finales from a few nearby cities and ran past several neighborhood celebrations. When I was telling Mike how much fun it was, he said, "sounds like the Sandlot." Yes, very much so.

This is boring...I'm outta here.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

something awesome

Team "something awesome" completed the marathon in 4 hours 5o minutes!!!

On Friday afternoon Mike and I were IMing and he was saying how jealous he was that I would be running on Saturday without him. Well, here. Read it yourself:

2:00 PM Mike: i wish i could run it with you
starting to feel really jealous
2:01 PM Lydia: yeah, that would be so awesome
Mike: do you think i could?
i'd be tempted to try
i really felt like i could have gone a lot further when we ran that 5
but i know i'd really be pushing my limits
Lydia:.I think you could try
and we did 6 on Saturday, not 5
Mike: oh yeah
2:13 PM Lydia: well, I'll go pick up our registration and stuff and you can think about it
Mike: ok
Lydia: I think you could finish, yes.
it just might take you a while
2:14 PM and you would probably be in pain for a week!

So, that lead to this:

That's right! We did it! Mike's dad, Rick (pictured above) ran the marathon as well. Mike ran the first half and did GREAT! He was pooped out when he got to me though, but I was SO SO proud of him.

Then it was my turn, and I was pumped. Not nervous at all. I ran with Rick for my first 7 or 8 miles and I was grateful to have someone so experienced to run with. That was Rick's 20th Marathon. Anyway, he made sure we didn't overdo it on the hills, and he gave me salt tablets to help me avoid cramps. But when it came to those last few miles I just had a bit more energy and decided to take it in solo.

I actually really liked running alone, not better than with someone, just differently. I really paid attention to my body and the beautiful scenery around me. I liked talking to strangers along the way and taking in the camaraderie associated with sharing in that challenging experience. I liked pushing myself when I thought I had nothing left; it was exhilarating!

After Mike finished his half, he went to pick up Kate from my sister's (Thanks SO MUCH again, Jenny!) and then he came down to the finish to see me in. He and Kate were waiting in some shade about two blocks from the finish line. I was so excited to see them! They jumped up and ran to the finish with me. I can tell Mike had had some rest, his pace wore me out to the point that I walked for the first time in miles! But then the crowd kept telling me, "Oh! You're so close! Keep going!" And Mike asked me if I was going to sprint it to the end. I did! Well, the last 25 feet or so. Finished strong.

I sense an addict in the making. I already registered Mike and me for the Top of Utah Marathon held in Logan on Sept. 20th. The FULL marathon this time. Oh, and I want to send out a warm welcome to anyone who wants to join in the training. It's in 4 months and you would have the perfect amount of time to train and I guarantee it will be one of the better experiences in you life. Here's a map so as you can see, it's almost ALL downhill....a great race to begin with. If you just want to do the half marathon, I still recommend it. Come join in the fun!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wrong Place at the Right Time

Yesterday Katers and I had an interesting experience. Seeing as it was laundry day and I had about 5 loads to fold while she was napping, I decided to go get a movie from Redbox. The Redbox we frequent at our local Maverick has several parking spaces within 10 feet, so I felt okay about leaving her in the car, especially considering I wasn't going to have to wait in line and I knew what movie I was getting.

When I got back to the car I was quite surprised to find it locked....with the keys in the ignition. I panicked, of course, and then paced back and forth in front of the car thinking about my options. I could call someone in my neighborhood and have them bring a key, but my cell phone is also in the car and I don't have anyone's number memorized. I could ask a complete stranger to stay with her while I drive their car home, but I think the spare key to the house is inside, and could I really do that?? So the only thing I can do, I decided, is to call a locksmith. Oh, and Kate is crying hysterically by this point.

I walked inside Maverick to ask to use a phone and a phone book, and while I'm looking up the locksmith a man I had seen outside asks me, "Did you lock your keys in your car with a child inside?"

"Yes." I say rather frantically.

"You know if you call the police they'll come and unlock it for you."

"Really? I had no idea! Do I just dial 911?"

And then a lady in line at the register just spits out this number, 688-whatever-it-was, and said that was the number for the Weber County Dispatch. An officer was there within 5 minutes, and about 5 minutes after that I was unlocked! I couldn't believe it! And they didn't say a word in reprimand about leaving her in the car, which I was really relieved for. Blessings!

Twilight update

I saw this on another friend's blog and decided to share it, given my last post.

So Summit has a trailer out for Twilight apparently. I'll let you watch it first, as to not bias you with my opinion, but I am curious as to what everyone thinks after seeing the teaser. I'll add my thoughts as a comment later.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Twi-hards, breathe easy

I think I've had the "I'm really worried about the Twilight movie" conversation with about everyone I know, so I thought I would share with all of you that I now feel a little more at ease about it. Why this change in feelings, you ask? Well, I guess I have to go back to why I was so worried in the first place.

#1-Summit Entertainment? Excuse me, who? That's right. No one had ever heard of them.
#2-Robert Pattinson. He's a cute guy and all, but what got me worried were his teeth. He just lacks that dashing, can-get-his-way-in-any-situation smile that is a prominent Edward characteristic.
#3-Up to this point I was still hopeful, but then they released these pictures and all my fears were realized.Fear #1 was proven worthy by the obvious cheapness of this photo shoot, and fear #2 was realized by the fact that Rob is not smiling in any of the pictures. Well there's no way he can keep his mouth closed for the entire movie, so they must be hiding it, hoping we won't think of that. On top of that, all of the Cullens-the most beautiful people on the earth-just look a little, well, off. Bad wigs, wrinkly clothes... I could go on.

Well, I was lucky enough to be shown a little bit of light today. MTV has released some behind the scene footage that revived a shred of hope that this movie won't be the laughing stock of 2008. No, it might actually be good.

With no further ado, please click on the link and watch all of the clips.

So there you go! Even though I don't think they did anything with Robert's teeth, they're not that distracting. The rest of the Cullens look much more beautiful (especially Jasper, woo woo) than in that horrific photo shoot, and from what they showed, they seem to be staying pretty close to the books, which is always a plus.

This may be jumping the gun a bit, but ladies keep your calendars open on 12-12 for a girls night out. (Also Jenny's birthday, quite appropriately.)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brain Bumblings

You know it's time to update your blog when you start "thinking in blog." That's where everything that happens in your day gets a title and you start thinking clever thoughts about it.

I have had several of these moments lately, but since I haven't done anything about it I thought I would just sort of randomly list all of them so that I can get them OUT OF MY HEAD!

Here goes....

We took Kate swimming for the first time this week. She was nervous in the water for the first couple of minutes but then had a GREAT time. I even took her down the waterslide! (little scary for me.)

I finally got us registered for the marathon. Mike and I will be doing the 2 man relay and running with Mike's dad. I will be volunteering at the start line like I have the past couple of years and then bidding the boys good luck and heading down to the halfway point. I am getting really excited!

Kate waves bye-bye now. Oh! and she has figured out the oh and oo sounds. So she says "whoa" all the time. It's so cute. She also shakes her head "no" when we ask her certain questions. She doesn't know that she is saying "no" though, we don't think anyway. It's fun to ask her really silly questions like, "Kate. Do you have eyes?" And she'll just shake her head. She's not very good at doing this in front of an audience, but we got it on tape so I'll have to show you sometime.

I went to one of the best concerts ever a couple of weeks ago. It was called the HotelCafe Tour, so if it comes to a town near you I DEFINITELY recommend it. I went because Ingrid Michaelson (one of my fav artists at the moment) was playing but I ended up buying all of the other artist's albums as well. All 5 singer/songwritter type artists used the same band and the same equipment so there was none of the annoying setup time in between artists. PLUS, they had each artist only play 3 or 4 songs at a time and went through two rounds. So it was like 4 hours of continuous GREAT music, great audience involvement/participation, great comedy....just great all around. SOOO worth $15. Remember it... you won't regret going.

Speaking of music, I need some suggestions for my running playlist. So far I just listen to whatever I'm in the mood for, but I get burned by slow songs so I need to make a good "pump me up" playlist. PLEASE tell me what you like so I can get some ideas!!!

Hmm, I'm sure there were more blogs bumbling around, but I can't think of them right now. Stay tuned for part 2, I guess. ;D

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

And may your dreams be realized.

This morning Mike asked me, "What are the words to that song you sing to Kate?" I proceeded to sing,

"Sleep, sleep tonight.
And may your dreams
Be realized.
If the thundercloud passes rain,
so let it rain, let it rain,
rain down on me.

So let it be."

I then said, "the words are by Martin Luther King, did you know that?" He asked me how I knew the song and I told him it was on U2's Unforgettable Fire album. I haven't actually listened to the album in years, but when I was a teenager I used to put that track on repeat and go to sleep to it. I loved it. It is such a peaceful song with very meaningful lyrics.

Sometime when Kate was very new I began to sing it to her, and it stuck. I hope it is meaningful to her as she grows, and that it gives her an even deeper appreciation for Martin Luther King, Jr. and all he did for our country in his short time behind the microphone.

While discussing this song with Mike, we came across two things I would like to share with you.

First is a video tribute to Dr. King, to the tune of U2's Pride (In the Name of Love) which was written about him. (I am ashamed to say that I didn't know that this song was a tribute to MLK, even though I could sing along to every word.)

Second is a link to another blog that I found particularly insightful on the subject of prejudice and it's remedy.

I try to be as just and unprejudiced as possible, but I know I have room for improvement as I show true love and charity with those around me. The way Martin Luther King taught. The way the Savior taught him.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And so it begins

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned in a post that registering for the Ogden Half Marathon was on my list of things to do that day. (Shhh, it still is on the list!) Well this week, just 7 short weeks from the race, I have finally started to train.

Mike's boss--a seasoned marathoner--lent us the book, "The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer" and I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone thinking of running a marathon. It is written by a psychologist, a gym teacher, and a non-runner and includes all three of their respective aspects on marathoning in each chapter.

One of the things they recommend is logging the miles you run, your rate of perceived exertion (RPE), and any comments about the run. They have a nice table to fill out, but I decided to blog it all instead, so with that I introduce my new blog, See Lydia Run.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The moment you've all been waiting for...

Last week I took Kate to her very first (official, anyway) photo shoot. Wow! Those are a lot of work to get a few smiles out of your kid. She did really good, all things considered, and we got some really great shots.

The one to the left here was my absolute favorite. I know it's a little early for bathing suits but she just looks so cute in hers and I 'm afraid it won't fit her much longer. I had it blown up and framed and I hung it right inside the door as a surprise for Daddy. Mike didn't know we were doing a photo shoot, so he was truly surprised.

Oh! Today Kate is 9 months old. We had her well child visit last week and she is still just doing awesome. 19 lbs (70th%), and 29 inches tall (95th%). I had been worried about a lingering cough but the doc said her heart and lungs sound great. Always a relief.

She is a REAL little person these days. She has so much personality already! I know I don't have too much to compare to, but she is just an awesome, pleasant, EASY baby! She is crawling now, pulling herself up on everything (which, of course, comes with bumps and bruises, unfortunately), and making fun sounds with her mouth--except still no Ma Ma's. :( She is sleeping through the night again, and longer than ever. She is sleeping a lot the last couple of days--perhaps a growth spurt? She loves to eat our food. She's very aware of the fact that what she gets from the jar is truly disgusting in comparison to what she gets from our plates! But she still only has two little bottom teeth, so that desire goes unfulfilled for the most part.

Her little laughs and smiles and facial expressions make us so happy!

Here is a slideshow with a few of the other pictures from the shoot. This place we went to had really bunnies to take pictures with. The look on Kate's face for those shots is well deserved, as the bunny bit her! Not until after it bit her did the photographer mention, "yeah, the bunnies are kind of at their wits end." Thanks, for the warning.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

tagged: the second

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Let's see...I was 17 years old, a Junior at Layton High School. I was in Laytones, and like Shann, getting ready for California, hoping for a CTR, no doubt. Who would I have liked then?? Hmm, I'm not sure. Dustin Hall and I kinda had an on again off again thing all through high school, and I think we may have been on around this time. I was working at Blockbuster Music and already suffering from Senioritis.

5 things on my "to-do" list today.

1-Make an appointment for Kate's 9 month Well Child Visit.
2-Register for the Ogden Half-Marathon.
3-Watch Survivor.
4-Clean up, make dinner, and all the other usual chores.
5-Play with Kate!

6 Snacks that I enjoy.

1- Anything Chocolate, but especially Chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Shanna introduced these to me right after I had Kate and I'm totally hooked!
2-Mrs. Call's licorice flavored caramels.
3-String Cheese.
5-Fresh Fruit, especially pears and peaches.
6-Fresh Veggies, especially straight from the garden. (Which I am planning to try my black thumb at this year.)

3 bad habits. (Only three?)

1-I'm a picker. Pimples, ingrown hairs, scabs....anything that has topography doesn't last long on my body! I realized it was a major problem when I started picking at Kate...
2-I am not very punctual, and especially late for church. It's something I know there is no excuse for, but try as I may I just can't be on time!
3-Blog Stalking. Need I say more on this one? I love it, but man! The time sucking effects it has are out of this world! :)

If I were suddenly a billionaire I would...

First of all, I'm glad it says billionaire instead of millionaire because sadly there's not much room for creativity with only a million dollars! So if I were a billionaire I would definitely try not to broadcast it so I can share the funds with family and friends as anonymously as possible. I think that Mike and I would both LOVE to finish up school, including our Masters', without having to worry about making ends meet. I would put enough into a high yield savings account for a comfortable retirement including a couple of missions, college savings funds for 5 kids. Then the rest will probably go to gasoline.

5 Places I've lived. (why not all 7?)

Kearns, UT (1980-1983)
Layton UT (1983-1999), Layton (2003-2006)
Chagrin Falls, OH (1999, 6 weeks)
Suffield, CT and Plainville, CT (1999-2001)
Provo, UT (2002, 10 weeks)
Thailand (2002-2003)
Roy, UT (2006-present)

5 Jobs I've had.
Happijac: packager, assembler, manager (too many years of my life!)
Blockbuster Music
Claire's Boutique (for like 1 week!)
America West Bank: New Accounts, Draw Department

5 Things people don't know about me

I want to be a carpenter! I took a woodworking class a couple of years ago, but unfortunately the timing was bad (work and school full time) so I only made a shelf. I hope to get back into it one day.

I am content with my body to the extent that I haven't ever thought (seriously, anyway) about plastic surgery. The only thing that I plan to change someday is to get laser hair removal in a few areas. The sooner the better!

I'm kind of the "jack of all trade, ruler of none" type. I am ok at a lot of things, but I don't feel like I have any truly mastered and impressive skills.

While I was in Thailand (as a missionary) I held a very large, very live, very venomous King Cobra around my neck. It was "trained" but seriously, what was I THINKING??

Most of you know this already, but I used to have a significant gap between my two front teeth. Also while in Thailand. my companion lost her retainers and while we were at the orthodontist I saw that to get my teeth bonded was only going to cost like $25! I figured for that price it was worth the risk and I could just get it taken off if it was terrible.

Are you bored yet? There are a couple more to come....unless you're bored. Don't be afraid to say so; I respect straight forwardness!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Middle (Maiden) Name Tag

I’ve been tagged! Here are the rules. You must post the rules before you give your answers. You must list something about yourself for each letter of your middle name. Each fact must begin with that letter. If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name. At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and need to read your blog for details).

I was not given a middle name at birth, however I was given several in high school--pretty much any "H" name (Helen, Helena, Helga, etc.) so that my initials would be LHS. But, for the sake of the post, I'll just use Scothern-it's more official.

S-Spring Fever! I've got it bad! I have loved going outside to get the mail or put something in the trash with no shoes on! I never thought that a year and a half in a hot humid climate would change my feelings on winter, but it had a lasting effect and now I get Seasonal Affect Disorder!

C-Cheap. As in frugal, not easy. (Maybe it depends on who you ask :) ) I keep a pretty tight budget and things that I consider non-essential--new clothes, salon haircuts, etc--tend to get neglected.

O-Outgoing. This is a funny thing about me. I consider myself an Extroverted Introvert. I don't get nervous meeting new people and I can hold my own around people I don't know. I think most people would consider me outgoing, but really I am quite satisfied just spending time on my own.

T-Thinker. I kind of over-think things sometimes, and I analyze everything! I consider myself a good free thinker and open-minded.

H-Hard Worker. I have always been proud of my work ethic, and I am happiest after I know I have worked my hardest for a desired goal. I feel I am reliable and dependable as an employee, wife, mother, and friend.

E-Envious. I tend to get "green" more than I like. I try to keep things in proper perspective, but I do get envious at times. It usually only lasts a few minutes and then I realize how good I have it!

R-Rambler. I can't tell a story without it going into WAY too many details and taking about 10 times longer than it should. Many times I don't even get around to finishing the story without some reminders and prodding from the recipient.

N-Nocturnal. Try as I may, I RARELY get to sleep before 1 am. I am getting better at this, and I know that my days would be much more productive if I got a good night's sleep, but there's just something about those nighttime hours...

As far as tagging 8 people goes, (one for each letter of my name) I don't think I could come even close, so if any of you who are reading this post haven't done this tag yet, consider yourself tagged!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Coming at me from all sides!

So I have been tagged a number of times over the last couple of weeks and I guess I better do something about it. So I will be posting one tag a day for the next, let's least four days. By the time I am done I will officially have no secrets! Enjoy....

But first, can I just brag about how I have the absolute BEST baby in the whole world? Of course I can.

On Friday night, Mike's brother Shawn and his girlfriend Jordan came up from Provo for a double date. We decided to go bowling at Sparetime in Roy. We left the house about 7:45--Kate's bedtime--thinking she would fall asleep on the way and, knowing what a great baby she is, probably stay asleep for most of the time. When we arrived she surprised us by still being awake. No biggie, I thought. She'll fall asleep before too long.

We had to wait over an hour to get a lane and the whole time she stayed awake! She didn't make a sound, just looked around sleepily. Shortly after we got our lane they morphed the place into a disco--black lights, disco balls, LOUD hip-hop, etc. Kate was more visually stimulated than ever, so I decided to take her out of her carseat and let her enjoy it all for a bit. To say she enjoyed dancing with Mommy and Daddy, Shawn and Jordan to the likes of Justin Timberlake, Outkast, and other "well-known" hip-hop/rap artists would be a class A understatement!! We all had a blast dancing together for about a half hour, trading Kate off to someone else when it was our turn to bowl. She really was the life of the party!

Now, by this point it was about 10 pm, over 2 hours past bedtime. The only sounds out of Kate all night were giggles and squeals of delight, but I knew she must be tired. I decided to try putting her back in her carseat and just rocking her 'til she fell asleep. To my amazement, she was out within minutes, don't believe me? Look at the picture I took with Mike's phone!

p.s. I bowled a career high 156.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Does everything happen for a reason?

With all that has gone on with Zeus over the last three weeks, I am left pondering this popular cliche.

Recap: Just over three weeks ago, Mike and I decided it was time to find Zeus a new home. Posted the add on KSL which produced about 800 page views, about 15 phone calls/messages, and five interviews in less than 24 hours. We were stunned by the interest and had a tough decision on our hands.

Following the interviews there were really only two families we were having a hard time deciding between. Leslie's family had a 7 yr. old boxer named Dexter, two older children, and someone was almost always home. Negatives at this home were that they didn't have a fenced yard, and with both Zeus and Dex being male, it took them a little bit of time to get used to each other. Oh, that and they lived in a brand new house in Saratoga Springs (which is on the west side of Utah Lake).

Patrick and Kristi also had a boxer named Xena. She is two and looks like she could be from Zeus' same litter. They got along great from the get go, as they didn't have to compete for Alpha. Patrick and Kristi don't have any children, and you can tell they just love Xena. And they live in Clinton...less than 10 minutes drive. The only thing we were concerned with here was that they kenneled Xena for 5-6 hours a day while they were at work, and we were worried Zeus would have a hard time with that.

After a LOT of thought, we chose Leslie's family. We missed Zeus instantly, though within the week we could see that this really was the best decision for our family.

Then on Sunday, Leslie called. "I'm sad to be having to make this call," she said. Things weren't working out. Zeus was having accidents all the time, running off when they let him out to go to the bathroom (to the extent that one time Aaron, the dad, had chased him for over a half hour but had to leave or he'd miss a flight. Luckily, Zeus was on the back porch when Leslie got home over two hours later.) I think the straw that broke the camel's back was when Zeus, jealous that he was locked in the bedroom during a social event, chewed at the baseboards in the bedroom. I apologized, and said that we would come and pick him up.

As we were making the drive down south, we gave Patrick and Kristi a call. Our hopes that they hadn't already found a friend for Xena were realized, but they said that they would think about it and call us back. So we brought Zeus home. It was actually kind of nice to have him back, as weird as that sounds, but the idea of going through the whole ordeal again was making us anxious. Patrick called yesterday afternoon and said that they would like to give it a trial run for a week or two. We packed up Zeus' things and headed over there last night.

So last night as I was getting ready for bed, I was thinking, maybe Zeus was meant to be with Xena all along but he just needed this other trial run first. Maybe Leslie's house wasn't a
"wrong" or a "bad" choice, just a preparatory state.
Although I feel terrible that Leslie's family had to go through that, maybe it was just what had to be, and that everyone was better off because of it. I guess we'll see how it goes at Patrick and Kristi's this week, and then, maybe we'll know for sure.

Mike just sent me this picture he took with his phone of Zeus and Xena. See what we mean about how they look alike?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Colbie Caillat next Friday

Thats right, she'll be in concert next Friday night (the 15th) at in the venue for $20.50 a pop.

Wondering if any of you ladies (and gents too, if there are any of you that read my blog other than my husband) would like to go with me.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Blackest of black

My thumb, that is. I seriously can't keep a plant alive for a week! All you green thumbs out there...HELP!

Marylin, I swear I watered it and gave it indirect sunlight and everything else just like the little tag said. The only thing I didn't do was take it out of the decorative wrap and put it into another pot. Is that what killed it???

More importantly, is it beyond hope? I sure hope not, because it was one of the most thoughtful gifts and I was so looking forward to thinking of Zeus every time I saw it. But you can't think of the pet you miss while looking at a dead plant. It's just plain morbid.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Prophet

At the news that President Hinckley passed away, I have become quite introspective. I love that man so much. He has taught so many valuable lessons, most meaningfully to me were those on how to live happily. He practiced what he preached, and he preached what he practiced.

Before President Hinckley I don't know if I can say I had a testimony of living prophets. This may be partly to do with the fact that I was 14 years old when he was called as prophet and president of the church, but for me it was more than that. I struggled for most of my teenage years knowing, not only whether or not the church was true, but even if I really had a Heavenly Father who loved me and a true Savior in Jesus Christ. This all came together for me when I was 19 years old, and living away from home as a nanny.

Being away from home was what it took for me. To be honest, at first I reveled in the freedom of not having to "pretend" to be an active member, and for a short while, I all but left the church in the dust. Then, seemingly out of no where I was completely miserable! Completely. I remember writing in my journal that I felt like I had no soul. I came to the realization that I was feeling guilty because I wasn't living up to the standards I had been taught were correct, but at the same time I didn't even know if I believed all of that stuff anyway! I was faced with a challenge; I had to know for myself whether or not the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were, in fact, true. If they were, then living the teachings would bring me the happiness they promised, and if not, I didn't need to feel guilty for not living them.

I started with the Book of Mormon and prayer, two things that had been gathering dust on the shelves and in my heart for a very long time. I started the Book of Mormon at Words of Mormon because I had read First and Second Nephi countless times, and I wanted this time to be different. As I read through King Benjamin's addresses to his people, and on in to the conversions of Alma, Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah, and so many others, I knew that the words I was reading were true, that these men were in fact prophets of God.

Shortly afterward I had the opportunity to visit Palmyra, New York, where Joseph Smith talked with God the Father, and Jesus Christ. Although I don't think it is necessary to visit the Sacred Grove to gain a testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet, for me, with the timing of my visit and the current state of my seeking for truth, the reality of his vision became an undeniable part of my life as I felt a truly unique spiritual presence in that otherwise ordinary grove of trees.

I can say that I felt a love for and respect for President Hinckley before I actually had a testimony of his prophetic calling...what's not to love about a charismatic, witty, downright hilarious old man?? But it was during the April session of General Conference in 2000 that again, I sought for truth, and again I found it. I can't tell you a single thing that was said at that conference, but I can say that from that moment on I knew that a prophet of God was on the earth, and that President Gordon B. Hinckley was that prophet. My prophet.

Have I had doubts over the last nine years, you betcha. Have I sinned, and faltered, and lost my way from time to time? So, so much. But I have a redeemer, I have a savior, and He has saved me time, after time, after time, and for the last nine years I have never doubted that I have a soul, a valuable soul.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Behold 7-month-old Kate!

Well, almost seven three days. Hold on to your hats, a LOT of pictures are coming your way at the respective speed of your browser.

So since it has been far too long since I last posted pictures, we'll start with a recap.

Kate has been eating solids--and anything else she can get her hands on, for that matter--for about 2 months now. And growing as a result. (I know, whoda thunk it??) She now weighs just over 19 lbs and is about 27 1/2 inches tall/long.

Our ward Christmas party was right during nap time, but this candy cane was all she needed to be content. Santa was an hour late, and we never made it to a mall, so no Santa pictures for her first Christmas. I'm not too broken up about it.

Oh, this may be the first picture of my short, dark hair. But I guarantee it won't be my last weird face picture. Let's just focus on Kate here, people.

Ahh, you've gotta love the camera timer pictures. This one turned out ok; It was about our 5th attempt. I love how Kate and Zeus are staring at each other.

First Christmas morning shots! Mike's family has a tradition that they have to wait on the stairs until 7 am and they have to get a picture in their Santa hats. Kate looks awesome in hers.

Ryan and Kate were working on her balancing blocks skill. We heard it's a nine month skill, so obviously she's very advanced here folks. ;)

Zeus is, by far, Kate's favorite toy. Makes finding him a new home all the more difficult, but also makes doing it before she can remember all the more important. We'll get you a dog when you're older, Sweetheart.

How can you not fall in love with that face??

Other new skills Kate has acquired include sitting up, rolling from back to front, supporting herself while standing, grabbing at everything, speaking least, that's what I think she's saying. Mostly it just sound like "da, da, da" which we all know in baby means, "Mama, Mama, Mama."

I couldn't decide which of the following shots to include, because I love them you get all three!

Kate loves to stand and kneel at this mirror/stage she got for Christmas from her great-grandparents. That's "great" as in wonderful, of course. I especially love her messy morning faux hawk.

Kate seems to be teething, although I can't see anything yet. She is constantly feeling her bottom gums with her tongue and has been sucking her binkie like this...can you see the bottom edge on the inside of her lip? Another give away was the screaming in the middle of the night that was only soothed with baby Orajel.

Kate is such a joy in our lives. We don't even know how we comprehended happiness before there was Kate. She is growing and changing every single day. I feel so blessed to be at home with her so I don't have to miss a second of it...and so that I can excitedly tell Mike about all of her new tricks when he gets home from work or school. "Tanks, Papa" for working so hard to give us such a great life.

So there's the update you've all been salivating for. You can get back to your normal lives now. Go on.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A new home for Zeus Magoose

We have decided it is time to find a new home for Zeus. We love him so much, and Kate loves him, we just can't give him all the attention and exercise that boxers need. He has been a great dog and we will miss him terribly. We have shed tears together a few times this week at the thought of not having him in our family, but feel we are just postponing the inevitable at this point and that's not really fair to Zeus or us.

Ideally, we would love for Zeus to be with a family that we know so that we can visit him from time to time, so if anyone is interested or know someone who may be, please contact me! He LOVES kids, and so we think he would be best in a family with school aged children. We have posted an ad on KSL's Classifieds ( and we will be taking the adoption process very seriously.

This has got to be one of the hardest things we have had to do! We're going to miss you, Zeus Magoose!

Here are some pictures...

Friday, January 18, 2008

delighted and disgusted

The other day I was sent a very cute video via email forwarding. For the record, although I rarely forward things on, I always look at the ones that are sent to me. Anyway, before the video began it said something like "This media proudly posted by:" Blank was just four letters, an acronym I assume. They also had their website in the bottom corner of the entire video. Why am I going on about this, you ask? Well first, watch the video. (Compliments of YouTube)

Wasn't that the cutest thing!?! Well after watching that video about three times I decided to go to the sponsoring website, to see if it was their family site, or if there were more videos like this one. Innocent enough, right? BIG MISTAKE! To my shock and utter disgust, it was a porn site. Not only am I disgusted that they lead me there completely unknowingly, but more so that they were using this awesome home video of this adorable little boy to sell their smut! I had to wonder if the family knows and if there is really anything they can do about it. Makes me sick.

But, I hope you enjoyed that video! Who needs expensive toys when you have an old newspaper near by. :) And yes, we tried it with Kate...not sure yet if she doesn't have a sense of humor, or if she has a far superior one, but she didn't crack a smile, just looked at us like, "So...what's this, now? What am I supposed to do with this? Can I eat it?"

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Last the best?

So I am officially the last of my bloggin' buddies to update my blog in the new year. I'm not sure why, exactly, as I have been "thinking in blog" almost non-stop. It's mostly that I am just lazy...well, that and I realized how much time I spent reading blogs for a while there that I have kind of avoided them. Granted, I check my homepage for updates almost everyday, but I have all but given up blog stalking.

I don't know about anyone else, but when I read about other people's seemingly perfect lives I just end up feeling sorry for myself. Not that I have a bad life, quite on the contrary, in fact. I remember one day of blogstalking I visited half a dozen or more blogs of people I knew from HS. One girl had just competed in a triathlon, another had just started her own business, another had just bought a really nice brand new SUV, and so forth. Later that day I noticed I felt fat, under motivated, and broke! Another day I came across a blog of someone I haven't seen or talked to in years and noticed my name in her linked blogs list. Has anyone else noticed a bit of a popularity contest in the blogging world? Needless to say, I was a bit bugged that someone would link my blog just to have a longer list without even stopping by it to say Hi.

Don't get me wrong, I love (love love) hearing the good news of people I really care about, but maybe that's because I also know you all have days that aren't all perfect and cheery and that's what makes you all so darn lovable and admirable!

Not sure where I'm going with this, or why. Maybe it's just that time of the month. :-) Anyway, stay tuned...I've got some great blogs up my sleeve, including the AMAZING book I finished today, the weight loss battle, and many more, Oh, yes. There will be pictures of Kate, don't you fret!